Men, Masculinity, South Africa, Popular Culture

The Author

I was born and raised in the southwest of Germany. After high school, I decided to travel. I was longing to learn more about Anthropology, History, Psychology, and Comparative Studies of Religion. Fortunate enough, I was the first one in my family to study at university. From the late 1990s until now my personal and academic quests lead me to South Asia, North and South America and in the last couple of years particularly to South Africa. I’ve become a transcultural migrant working with universities, civil society organizations, and intergovernmental bodies on issues including HIV/AIDS, gender, racism, biopolitics, and subjectivity. My latest project is this blog in which I want to share some observations that are part of a larger dissertation project concerned with (un)changing men in times of crisis.

Hanspeter Reihling, Cape Town in May 2010