Fan Fest in Cape Town’s “Ghetto”

One of the five FIFA Fan Fests in Cape Town takes place in Swartklip stadium in Tafelsig, a neighbourhood located in Mitchells Plain, one of the largest townships in South Africa. The settlement was established in the 1970s under Apartheid. The ideology of racial segregation classified people who did not fit into the categories of either “African” or “European” as “Coloured”. Many of today’s older residents were forced to move out of the city center to live along the sandy dunes of the Cape Flats, about 20 kilometers from Cape Town.

While the area is commonly portrayed as a crime ridden and gang infested ghetto, today’s fan fest depicted a different image. People form Mitchells Plain and the neighboring Khayelitsha, which was formerly established for people categorized as black Africans, celebrated peacefully together. During yesterdays late afternoon the World Cup opening game united South Africans across color lines. When I was desperately trying to sponge off my neighbor for a cigarette I had to find out that he was a non-smoker. One minute later he handed me over what I just asked for with the words “One Nation Unite”. Although Dos Santos’ equalizer for Mexico was disillusioning, it did not stop people from playing Wuwuzela and singing Shosholoza. Thousands left in good spirit without any outbreak of violence.

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  • Das Video gefällt mir! Wenn ich dagegen an die üblichen, langweiligen Fanfeste hier in Deutschland denke weiß ich wo ich liebe wäre. Naja, dafür ist es hier in Berlin gerade wärmer. Immerhin.

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