“I knocked him out!”

“I hit one of them at my mothers house, just one punch and I knocked him out.” George reveals an incident that happened three years ago while sitting on the sofa forming a fist. Then he reluctantly adds “He was drunk.”

“Why did you do that?” I want to know.

“He knocked on the door and asked for food. Many times I told him so many times not to come around. He lipped my mother. I said ‘leave, just leave’ but he didn’t want to go.” Then George reflects on his deed “If I think about it I feel guilty now. I was stupid. It was unnecessary, man. But if you’re mad you do not think for that split of a second…When he got up he was sober again.” George says that he did not tell his friends about the knock out when they almost stumbled over the man shortly after the attack. “They would have clocked him again.” I’m unsure if I understood it right but George ascertains that his friends would have wanted to go on abusing the person on the ground if they had known about the argument. “Just normal, that’s how friends are,” he shrugs.

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