The World Cup in Town: Sick of Soccer!

George’s foster mother laments that the children will have longer holidays due to the Soccer World Cup. “We have a lot of Coloured people here in Cape Town. The youngsters will gang up! Gang – do you understand?” She gesticulates with her hands as if holding an imaginary ball. “They are like a pack of dogs, not all of them and not all the time.” She qualifies her remark and goes on “But I’m warning you: Close the windows and lock the doors before you approach a traffic light.” Articulately she repeats what she just said. I ask her if she was ever attacked or robbed. She negates but points out that the camera of their German friends was stolen when they took photos out of the window a couple of weeks ago. Once more the World Cup is perceived as a security problem.

Then the lady wants to know about Georges and Tiffany’s housing situation. After I gave them my notice they figured that they won’t be able to afford the place anymore. Above all they don’t want to take in another person because they wanted to sooner or later anyway. They told me that the neighborhood would be “too boring” and far away from their family and friends in Parow. George tells his mother that they will have to move out by the end of the month without knowing where to go. The Soccer World Cup has pushed up the prices for rooms and flats. They cannot afford to rent out a place at this point. The woman looks concerned. The couple has lived with George’s foster parents for three months before. He told me that they moved out because his mother was too intrusive and “paranoid”. More then ever the couple is sick of the Soccer World Cup before it has even started. They are tired of the hype they encounter on all TV channels, radios, in stores, and the housing market.

2 comments to The World Cup in Town: Sick of Soccer!

  • Britta

    Hey Hape, sag mal, was läuft den sonst so, ausser “those who are sick of soccer”??? LG Britta

  • admin

    Ja, nicht alle sind von der WM genervt! Gestern war richtig gute Stimmung, trotz 1:1. Babalaaza läßt Grüßen.

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