How to Bully a War ‘Veteran’?

‘Steek hom!’ Roland suddenly yells. Jimmy, a man in his 40ies, quivers as if he was hit by a lightning. ‘Aaahh, fuck!’ he swears and bows down quickly while burying his head in his arms. Then he comes up again. ‘Mommy!’ one of the young men adds sarcastically in a shrill tone. The others . . . → Read More: How to Bully a War ‘Veteran’?

Cape Town’s “White” Squatter Camp

‘Have you seen white people who are worse off than we?’ Ronald asked me before he pointed out the existence of a White squatter camp. Struck by the question I was reluctant to tell him that I haven’t. He shares a wooden shed or hokkie with his fiancé and his two children. They don’t have access . . . → Read More: Cape Town’s “White” Squatter Camp

The Muslim brother

‘Heil Hitler’ yells the lady and raises her arm. Then Dudrik blasts in to tell her that I am not fond of ‘him’. I hate when people respond like this because I’m from Germany but this time it is rather comical. The grey haired woman looks at me with her eyes wide opened while cowing on . . . → Read More: The Muslim brother

War, Drugs, and Strip Clubs: An Ex-Combatant Speaks

Patiently I wait for almost one hour until Amy approaches the gate in her mother’s car. The English pasture shines green behind the wall that encloses the one storied suburban family home. A White man in his fourties gets out of the car, followed by a young woman I havn’t met before. He identifies as English . . . → Read More: War, Drugs, and Strip Clubs: An Ex-Combatant Speaks

How to become racist?

The young man asserts that in the past under Apartheid life in South Africa was more “peaceful” and “healthier.” The rise of murder, robbery, and rape that the country has seen in the last decade he takes as a proof of the failure of democracy. “Look how many blacks are in jail… If you look at . . . → Read More: How to become racist?

Apartheid Reloaded

This morning George was cleaning the backyard. He likes to keep things clean he asserted and made clear that the inside of the house is his wife’s job while he cares for the garden and the garage. He said he spent a whole week fixing the garden after they moved in. He got rid of all . . . → Read More: Apartheid Reloaded