‘I’m a player’: Sexual Conquest Stinson Style

Jako sits on the table and scribbles a cross on a piece of paper while looking at his cell phone. The cross looks like the zef tattoo inked into the white skin of his upper arm. It bears the initials of the US rapper Tupac Shakur. Yesterday, he went to the jol, he says. His girlfriend . . . → Read More: ‘I’m a player’: Sexual Conquest Stinson Style

How to become racist?

The young man asserts that in the past under Apartheid life in South Africa was more “peaceful” and “healthier.” The rise of murder, robbery, and rape that the country has seen in the last decade he takes as a proof of the failure of democracy. “Look how many blacks are in jail… If you look at . . . → Read More: How to become racist?

Can South Africans think beyond ‘race’?

Tonight the eTV channel is switched on. George wants me to choose a movie at the same time 3rd Degree, a show of investigative journalism, starts. It’s titeled “The tricky issue of race.“ The focus is on white South Africans and the extent they are stuck in a racist past. I urge my hosts to watch . . . → Read More: Can South Africans think beyond ‘race’?